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Computer Lab
Advancement in technology is well revealed through well equipped labs where the student can easily update their equipped labs where the student can easily update their theoretical knowledge through practice work. Soon a time will come when every man on this planet will need to be a computer savvy to be able to stay one step ahead in this competitive world. The above requirement can be fulfilled at a place known as computer lab.

Sports and games empower students and promote higher self esteem. It also motivates/students, and enables them to develop their social and physical skills. Students learn to adapt to different situations. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Rightly said so that education without activities is always incomplete.
Indoor games such as Table Tennis, Tai Kwon do, Chess, Carrom, Badminton and Fecing instill in the students a spirit of self confidence, self reliance, discipline, justice, fair play and patriotism.

Outdoor games such as Table Tennis, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Track & Field events and Skating keep the students alert, active and highly energetic. Regular sports help the students to improve their blood circulation, boost metabolism and regulates the respiration and digestive system.

Science Lab:
The school is having well equipped laboratories for Chemistry, Biology and Physics which are used by students it does VI to X onwards. They are well equipped with all facilities. In the junior block, there is an laboratory where junior dipsites conduct experiments as little scientists. Apart from the laboratories. Science activities conducted in school Science Olympiads Projects Working Models Science Exhibition

School has a fleet of van facility of all major routes. The routes of school are drawn up based on convenience and demand while ensuring that no route is overly long. The Driver of the Van are provided moble phones to ensure easy monitoring of each route.

House System:
The student are divided in four houses depicting the Indian ethics. These houses have various competition to foster a spirit of willingness, self esteem and self confidence. Investiture ceremony is held to select the House Captain & Vice captain of the House. (Taxila, Ujjain, Sarnath, Nalanda)

To step in pace with computerised world and in order to have fast communication with parents regarding. some important school issues and child centric matters school has the messaging facility / SMS alert on the mobile phones. The messages will consist of information of theschool activities, holidays, special annnouncements and other relevant information. Parents must provide the update phone number to avail the facility.

Medical Aid:
The school has a provision for giving first aid to student in case of minor injuries or simple ailments. Parents are immediately informed depending upon the gravity of injuries or ailment.

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